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Delta Steam Carpet & Upholstery cleaning also offers tile cleaning and steam cleaning of grout or linoleum. Delta Steams cleaning process will leave your tile, grout and/or linoleum squeaky clean! Our cleaning process can restore a "new" look and feel by removing years of dirt and residue that are hidden in the pores of your flooring.

Delta Steams cleaning process is designed to remove stubborn built-up dirt and grime that is practically impossible to remove using traditional cleaning methods. Even the difference in appearance of permanently stained or damaged tile and grout that has darkened over time can be pleasantly surprising.

Delta Steams cleaning process combines our powerful steam extraction system with hot steam (above 212 degrees) along with professional cleaning solutions formulated specifically for your floors. We use hand-held brushes to work each grout line and then, we rinse and towel dry, leaving you with a beautifully clean floor. Delta Steam leaves your tile and grout as clean and sanitary as possible. So, even if your tile is older and has some permanent damage or discoloration you can be confident that your tile, grout and/or linoleum have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

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