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Residential Cleaning

Home or Office Carpet Cleaning

Regular, professional carpet cleaning can improve your health, preserve your carpets colors and fibers and save you money by extending the life of your carpets. Delta Steam uses a deep-clean, truck-mounted steam extraction, method along with top of the line, name brand, hypo-allergenic and GREEN cleaning solutions. This powerful combination removes soil, pet dander, and allergy-generating debris and dust mites, leaving a zero residue on your carpet.

Pet Spot & Odor Removal

At Delta Steam we love our pets even when they have accidents, and they all have accidents! Delta Steam' cleaning products and odor removal products can get rid of even the toughest spots. If you have old or permanent staining you can still rely on the deep cleaning and high temperatures used by Delta Steam to kill the bacteria even if discoloration remains. Plus, we offer deodorizers and disinfectants specifically formulated for animals.

Area Rugs

Yes! We clean them, and we can clean them right at your home or for an additional fee we can pick them up, clean them at our office and deliver them back to you. Ask about our Area Rug Cleaning Specials.



The best tip of all for Carpet Cleaning…become best friends with your vacuum! Vacuum non-traffic and light traffic areas weekly, passing the vacuum at least two to three times. Moderate to heavy traffic areas require a more thorough cleaning—at least five passes over these areas from two to four times per week. Don’t forget to use your vacuums attachments, use the crevasse tool to get in between your baseboards and your carpet to avoid a dust line from forming.

Pet spot and Odor Removal Tip…Vinegar! That’s right, plain old clear vinegar will help cut the smell of pet spots and it will help cut the color too. Using an over the counter cleaner really does more harm than good as not every over the counter cleaner is for every carpet or carpet type, so, discoloration can occur. Second, if you don’t have a small carpet cleaner to extract what you put in, then using an over the counter cleaner can actually cause more problems because putting a cleaner on top of a spot just covers the original spot and pushes it down further.

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